Precision Surgical Supply has been a leading supplier of surgical instruments and Podiatry drills and equipment since 2008.  Our customers include Hospitals, Clinics, Surgery Centers, Private Practitioners and the Veterans Administration.  We have worked in supplying the healthcare industry long enough to know that you are busy, your time is valuable, and you don’t have much of it!  We work hard to help take the load off of you when it comes to taking care of your needs.

Our customer service staff are friendly and equipped to help you expedite your orders quickly, efficiently, and as pleasantly as possible.  We can help you with your surgical instrument needs in any specialty.  There are over 1000 surgical instruments on our site and the number continues to grow.  Use the search box in the top bar to search for what you need.  If the item comes up click on the text to be taken to the purchase page.  If it doesn’t give us a call and we’ll get you a quote and turn around time the same day.

We carry the Orthofex, Orthospray and Erasmus line of Podiatry Drills.  These are great debriding units with a three year parts and labor warranty and have been in service in the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years.  These drills are averaging 10-15 years of service when properly maintained and serviced!